Why Your Small Business Should Compare Business Electricity Prices & Suppliers in 2023

The government has offered assistance to companies that offer similar contracts. The actual cost of each bill could differ. compare business electricity and October bills will offer the most savings. Customers should review their bills with care to ensure the discount has been applied. But, they must be aware that bills can pass through several times.

Beware of rates that aren’t included in your contract

Avoid out-of-contract rates if wish to lower the energy costs of your small business. These are the rates that your provider will cost you if you are not under contract. These prices are usually higher than the amount you would be charged if you were in a contract.

There is a government program that will allow businesses to get rid of out of contract rates. It will be applicable to non-domestic customers of energy and will offer a discount on your energy bills. The type of contract you sign with your supplier will determine how much discount you get. The government will also collaborate with suppliers to make switching between deals simpler for companies.

Switching suppliers can help you save money

Switching to a different supplier will make it easier to reduce the cost of business electricity in 2023. The Standard Offer Program (also called the Customer Referral Program) by PECO is a great way for you to secure lower rates. The switch of suppliers will not impact the quality of your electric service and PECO will continue to provide it in a safe manner. For more information on the process of choosing a new supplier read our Customer Choice FAQs.

Business energy prices are contingent on a variety of factors, including how much energy you use per month, what times of the day you utilize your power, and the location you conduct your business. Experts can assist you in finding the best price.

Working from home has numerous benefits

Working from home can have numerous benefits for both employers and employees. Employees who work from homes are more productive and enjoy an improved work-life balance. This can help decrease stress and improve productivity. Staples’ 2011 study found that workers who work at home are 25% less stressed than those working in an office. They also reported higher job satisfaction levels as well as lower turnover rates.

Working from home also saves businesses money. Telecommuting is a great way to save money on depreciation and office expenses. The savings are realized through a decrease in the price of office supplies and equipment. Many companies are able to telecommute only one or two days per month.