How to Obtain a LGV License in the United Kingdom

Getting a Cat C+E LGV licence

The Cat C+E LGV licence is an essential part of the profession of lorry driving. This license permits you to drive a large truck that can transport goods over three tonnes. Sometimes referred to as heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), these vehicles are used to transport goods from a supplier to a customer. The UK is a booming industry in logistics and haulage, and drivers who have this license are able to find work across the country.

Any truck driver who wants to drive in the UK must have an LGV license. This licence category is the similar to the HGV license, but is more specific. The Cat C+E category was specifically designed for trucks that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes.

Practical test for LGV license

If you’re considering getting an LGV license in the United Kingdom, then you need to pass the practical test. The LGV license test for practicals consists of two parts: a theory test and a practical test. The theory test requires you to obtain an 85/100 mark or more to be able to take the practical test. In the test on the road you will be judged on 15 minor driving errors. Examiners for driving will mark you fail if you commit any of these errors.

The LGV licence practical test requires you to demonstrate your driving ability as well as the knowledge required to operate an LGV vehicle. This test involves driving on different types of roads and in various situations. Road conditions include urban areas, dual carriageways and roads that travel at higher speeds. However, you won’t be allowed to drive on motorways within the United Kingdom. You’ll also have to drive in a dual-control vehicle with an instructor.

Average salary for a driver in Cat C+E of an LGV Cat C+E

There is a rising demand for commercial drivers in the United Kingdom. The current shortage is estimated to be around 100,000 drivers. Those who get into this field will enjoy numerous benefits that include flexible schedules and no restrictions on where they can work. This field of work offers high earnings potential due to the high demand for qualified drivers in the country. According to estimates from the industry, there are currently between 80,000 and 100,000 drivers who need to replace retiring drivers.

If you’re looking to become a professional driver, consider applying for the Cat C+E license. This qualification will allow you to drive some of the most powerful HGVs on the road. Additionally hgv training will allow you the opportunity to attend special courses, allowing you to specialize in the specific field of driving.